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  • How to fix pre galvanized square pipe ?


    Mending Your Pre-Galvanized Square Pipes - A Step-by-Step GuideFrom reinforcing supports to adding a touch of beauty, pre-galvanized square pipes are a popular choice. Yet, like any metal, they can occasionally suffer from damage such as rust, dents, and rickety connections. To ensure your pipes uph Read More
  • How to choose gi pipe 3 inch ?


    A Guide to Making the Best Selection of 3-Inch GI Pipe for Your NeedsLooking to complete a plumbing or construction project? With the right materials, you can guarantee results that last! A 3-inch Galvanized iron pipe is the right choice to make when it comes to a project. In this article, we provid Read More
  • Why did steel prices fall? Will steel prices rise in February?


    In the first working week after the Spring Festival holiday, the price of black bulk commodity futures rose and fell back, and closed a negative line for four consecutive trading days. Among them, the main contract price of coking coal and coke futures fell the largest weekly, reaching 4.33% and 4.2 Read More